ONE-SCOPIC independent suspension is a patented tech- nology that represents a real revolution in the trailer indus- try. Compared to other similar independent suspensions, ONE-SCOPIC is today the simplest (reduction of compo- nents up to 60%), the lightest (25-35% reduction of weight) and the more compact (this allows to get a lighter chassis and the deepest and widest central recess).

Beside this, ONE-SCOPIC is characterized by 2 additional technical pluses:

• it always works vertically at whatever height.
This characteristic allows to avoid the changing of track and camber of the tires that represents a technical minus of both “Double-Whisbone” and “McPherson” inspired solutions

• steering radius: 62°(with loading platform width of 2,55 mt).
This impressive result can be reached only by pendle suspensions (with loading platform wider than 2,75 mt.) or by rigid axles steering on turntables (loading platform signi cantly higher)

ONE-SCOPIC is available in the following models:

• One5: 5 tons max. loading capacity (10 tons loading capacity each line of axles).
The rst One5 suspensions have been installed in 2010. Since then they have run for more than 700.000 km resulting reliable from the rst moment and still pratically free of maintenance.

• NEW One6: 6 tons max. loading capacity (12 tons each line of axles). This new reinforced suspension is based on the technology and patent of the One5 version. The top quality materials, the special nickel/chrome layer of the rods (> 1500 hours in neutral salt spray according to ISO 9227 NSS ASTM B117 / > 500 hours in acetic acid salt spray according to ISO 9227 AASS ASTM B287) and special assembling techniques grant full operability and reliability for hard use even in “dirty” environments (salt, sand, mud, dust) and at extreme temperatures (-40° to +70°).

• Force steering, self-steering (also backward), not steering
• Working stroke: from 200 to over 500 mm according to height of loading platform and tire measure
• Possibility to mount 15”/19”/22,5” brake masses