Steering Solutions


DST (Dura-Steer Technology): the SOLO milestone in force steering systems. An exclusive technology allows to get the performances of a “progressive” steering system together with the “maintenance free” advantages of a “linear” steering system (scarce matching between the steering angle of truck and trailer. See graph “DST VS. LINEAR SYSTEM”)

Main pluses:
• perfect reactivity and steering behaviour of the trailer axles compared to the direction given by the truck
• long lasting resistance and operating life without presence of slacks
• up-keeping/maintenance nearly reset to zero*
• manoeuvres over 110° between truck and semitrailer
* from 2007 -year of introduction of DST- and after more than 250 installations, no repairs or spare parts provided yet!

DST is provided with a long tested and simpli ed hydraulic system to be simple to understand, quick to be mounted and very reliable.

DST steering system can be mounted with the following fth wheels:
•18tons •27,5tons •45tons



A last generation electronic system with integrated cir- cuits together with a complete and easy-to-use control panel makes SOLO electronic system one of the most complete and modern of the category.

The standard panel included in the electronic pack has the following functions:
• left/right steering of the axles through a joystick
• set of red/green led lights for immediate visual check of the direction of the axles/correct alignment with truck
• on/off switch
• optional joystick for goosneck operations (up/down)
• Optional remote control: 2 or 4 channels professional transceiver for independent steering action/goose-neck handling + red/green LED lights for visual check of axles direction/perfect alignment with truck + ERS function

 ERS (Easy Re-Alignment System)

The first “real” automatic re-alignment system of the semitrailer with the truck (the axles are not simply re-aligned with the body of the semitrailer but with the real direction of the truck). Compared to other similar “re-alignment systems, ERS is safer (no need to start and then check the correct re-alignment of the semitrailer with further corrections) and quicker.